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Sticker Codes

for use with Ozobot

Created by 8-year-old Kidpreneur

“Overwrite sticker made the coding part of our activity much more engaging. This time we didn't have to worry whether we'd left a gap in the line for our codes, we just decided which codes we wanted to use and stuck them over the line.” -

Overwrite Sticker Codes

Codes and Dots!
Overwrite Codes

Kid Created

Stickers are Fun!

Hi, my name is Holden. I'm ten-years-old.  I love to invent, draw and build. My brother and I received Ozobots for Easter 2015 and loved them from the start.


Ozobot was a great way to start coding quickly, and by the first weekend we had tons of tracks. However, we also created trash piles of half-drawn paths and mazes. We discovered that coding as you draw is difficult and frustrating. We couldn’t get the paths or codes exactly where we wanted them.


After only a week of coding, I asked my dad, “can we make stickers with these codes?”


He looked at me for a few seconds and replied, "You want to draw the track and then code the Ozobot? Yes, I think we can!"


With the help of my dad and younger brother, we designed and created stickers and called them, “Overwrite Codes.” The process took time and iteration. We had some failures, but we learned from our mistakes and improved each time.  


Today Overwrite stickers are for sale here and on Amazon. We have both pre-printed sticker codes and individual dot sticker pack options for both home and the classroom, and I hope that's just the start.


Teachers, parents, and grandparents say, "It makes the process of coding easier, especially for younger kids."


My dad says, “Young or old, Overwrite sticker codes add a whole new level of control and encourages creativity.”


I've had an amazing time building something small to help encourage something big, our future.  Thank you for reading this and thank you for supporting me.

- Holden

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The Overwrite sticker made the coding part of our activity much more engaging. This time we didn't have to worry whether we'd left a gap in the line for our codes, we just decided which codes we wanted to use and stuck them over the line.

What a great idea! Coding with markers can be a challenge. With these stickers, you can just draw your paths where ever you want them and then place the stickers over the top. They were very easily read and we were even able to remove the stickers and place them again on different parts of our paths. And what a great way to support young entrepreneurs!

I am very impressed with your creativity and busness sense. My grandson will be getting the Overwrite Sticker Codes and other items for Christmas. He is a creative 7 year old, and I am sure will be captivated with the Ozobot as well as the Overwrite Sticker Codes. It all looks very interesting to me.

Stickers are a huge help! My grandson is learning all about Ozobot and the stickers. The stickers make it so easy for a perfect "translation" for this tiny robot!

Great for kids! A great way to get a kid to think logically. Totally entertaining and total learning.

Great product. Very useful for my kids. They love it. We are from and live in Uruguay.

I bought these to use with children in elementary school. They have worked great and I like them a lot.

My grandaughter loves them! The stickers make it so much easier to make new layouts. She brings them with her when she vists grandpa.

Five Stars. Grandchildren LOVED them.

A brilliant idea! Thank you for working so hard to make this a reality. You've helped other children by making it even easier for them to have a blast with the Ozo robot. 

Got these to add to my Makerspace. Kids love them.

These are amazing. My son received the Ozobot for his 9th birthday and has had so much fun using the starter kit. Great product, easy to use, and wonderful gift.

Good starter pack to go with Ozobot. Helps my daughter in determining how to code patterns.

I bought these for my wife's 4th grade students as she is introducing OzoBots to them. She loved them! Not only are they perfect to use on the OzoBot's path, but they are also perfect for using on flash cards to help the students remember codes.

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